There are numerous ways members can help the ministries of the Ada CRC each week. Let us know how you would like to serve. Here are a few of the options:

Hospitality — Coffee Team

Volunteer to serve with the coffee team once a month on Sunday mornings. We love to welcome our guests and attenders with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Sometimes donuts or cookies, too. We get there early and make sure everything’s ready to go. You love to drink it. Have some fun making it happen. Join us!


It’s easy to smile and say, “Hello”. To welcome people. To ask if they need any information. If you enjoy meeting people and helping them, we would love for you to join the greeting team once a month and greet our visitors and attendees before the worship service.


Ushers serve a vital role in tangibly helping attendees feel welcome and at ease. We need ushers at each service to handout bulletins, seat attendees, and ensure guests needs are met. Maybe it’s finding more chairs. Maybe it’s making sure a family can all sit together. Sometimes, it’s as simple as answering a question. Join this team and help out once an a while. It will put a smile on your face as you put a smile on others’.

Nursery Volunteer

Join the fun in our infant & toddler rooms. Our nursery volunteers facilitate simple activities, free play and caring for kids’ general needs.

Children’s Worship — Leaders and Helpers

Are you a storyteller? Enjoy exploring concepts of faith and God with children? Be part of the worship time where kids age three through third grade hear and see stories from the Bible in a creative way, sing, and pray. If you’re interested, tell us about it.

Child Care for Coffee Break

Want to be a blessing to mom’s with kids? Volunteer to help out with child care during Coffee Break. Give moms a break to enjoy an inter-generational Bible study. Wednesday mornings for about two hours: 9:15 to 11:15. Help every week or just once in a while.


Do you have a voice for praise and worship? Do you play an instrument? If so, we’d like to know. Throughout the year, we incorporate a variety of vocalists and instrumentalists in our worship services. We’d love to know what your talents are. Please let us know.

Friendship Ministry Mentor

Be a mentor in someone’s life. Help them to grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ, claiming Him as their Savior and Lord. First three Tuesday nights of each month, October through April.

Member Meals

Sometimes, managing life gets tough. Illness. Job changes. A new baby. Too many things to juggle and not enough time. Ever have someone bring you a meal when life is stressful? It’s amazing. Also, it’s humbling to really help people, to make their lives a little easier. It makes you recognize how blessed you are. When we know of members and attendees of the church who could benefit from a good meal, there’s a team of people at Ada CRC that make that happen. If you’d enjoy doing this, we’d love to have you join that team.

Events: Food Prep & Baking

Funerals and other events sometimes require a meal. A chance to join with others to chat, celebrate, or sometimes mourn. At these times, we need people to help with meal preparation, bake and bring cookies and other baked goods, and ensure serving areas are filled. If you’re willing to occasionally bake for these events or help organize and set up food and drinks, we’d love to know.