Cadets Boys Club

The primary emphasis of our Cadet program is to build a relationship between a Christian man and a boy. We always remember the goal of helping the boys grow spiritually in all areas of life—devotional, mental, physical, and social.


We do this with weekly Bible lessons and/or Bible games. We have time to work on crafts, which enable the boys to learn new skills. Throughout the year we have outings with other churches in our council (Thornapple Valley Council), such as the annual Pinewood Derby. We also have activities with just our club in which we invite fathers to attend also. Twice a year we do trash pickup on Pettis Ave. as a service project.


The Cadet program is for boys in the 2nd through 8th grades. We meet about twice each month during the school year.

Joining Cadets

Your family doesn't need to be a member of Ada CRC to for your son to join Cadets. We have several members of the Cadet program from the local community. All are welcome.

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