Ministry Position

Title: Senior Pastor (Pastor of preaching, teaching, and counseling)

Ministry Area: Spiritual Leadership

Accountability: Elder Team

Time Requirement: Full Time Salaried Exempt

Our Church Profile

Ministry Description: Relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Senior Pastor is responsible for the direction, thrust, and ministry of Ada Christian Reformed Church, including its priorities and spiritual vitality.

Mission: To support the mission and vision of Ada Christian Reformed Church by providing spiritual leadership for the congregation and the ministry staff.


The pastor will:

  • Hold a Master of Divinity degree and be a Minister of the Word
  • Have a personal, mature commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, modeling a life of discipleship and outreach
  • Possess a love for the church - a heart for God's people both at Ada CRC and for the church at large
  • Have a commitment to a Reformed interpretation of scripture and to the confessions of the CRC
  • Be able to provide spiritual encouragement and direction to congregants
  • Display an ability to preach and teach the Word of God in clear and discerning ways
  • Be teachable, humble, responsible, have good communication skills, and a heart for leading God's people to reach the lost


Understanding that the job of a pastor includes varying tasks at different times, the descriptions below are a representation of some of the tasks that will typically be performed:

  1. A. Proclaim God's Word during worship services:

    Prepare sermons that are biblically based, thoughtfully and prayerfully prepared, and relevant to the needs of this congregation. Equip the congregation with an understanding of biblical truths that can have real life application, and that may lead to change in their lives. Lead worship services including on special occasions such as Good Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

  2. B. Plan worship services:

    Consult with the music coordinator and worship leaders in planning each worship service, scheduling out approximate three months.

  3. C. Administer the Sacraments
  4. D. Promote spiritual growth and provide spiritual support for the members of the congregation:

    Tasks included: Visit the sick, shut-ins, and grieving with prompt and regular pastoral care; be available for counseling as requested; engage in pre-marital counseling and wedding planning for engaged couples; conduct funerals; coordinate adult and youth discipleship and catechismal programs.

  5. E. Work with the Council:

    Partnering with the council, the pastor should take the lead in setting goals for the staff. The pastor is generally expected to attend Consistory (elders), Council, Ministry Team meetings and represent Ada CRC at classis meetings and engage in classical functions.

  6. F. Lead, manage and hold the staff accountable:

    Equip, inspire, model, and lead the staff in ministry and outreach. Recognize and encourage the gifts of the staff and promote their spiritual growth and professional development. Oversee and coordinate with the work of the administrative assistant and part-time staff. Chair regular church staff meetings.

  7. G. Promote an environment within Ada CRC to effect a passion for evangelism:

    Encourage, support and mentor members in their relationships with unbelievers and in the ability to lead a person to saving faith in Jesus. Develop effective ministries that enable the seeking, growing, and maturing of disciples of Christ.